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What is prize indemnity?

In everyday terms, Prize Indemnity is prize coverage without the prize risk. It's that simple.
Prize Indemnity is used to enable events, promotions, games, and contests to offer large prizes to their participants.
It allows an event to achieve maximum impact by offering these large prizes, while remaining cost-effective and staying within a given budget.
The financial liability associated with a prize is transferred to the insurer.
It is all in the numbers!
Actuaries compute the statistical odds of something happening and controls and rules are put in place to protect against a participant gaining an unfair advantage.
An insurance premium is established to reflect the overall risk of payout.

How does Prize Indemnity work?

By using probability (mathematical odds), we design programs that allow our clients the ability to offer large prizes for a fraction of the cost. By applying insurance coverage it eliminates the risk of the insured of paying out the prize if there is a winner. The results are secure, high-impact programs that achieve specific objectives.


Add excitement to an event or promotion by offering valuable, attention-getting prizes without the risk of a payout. You offer spectacular prizes and we assume the risk. When one of your lucky participants is successful, we make the payout, your winner takes home the prize, and you sit back and take the calls from the press. Can't beat that for well-spent advertising dollars. The PR received for the amount spent is incredible! There is no limit to what can be done. Prizes can be whatever you want, merchandise, services, cash... you name it!

How can we help you?

It is our mission to provide unique, quality programs that are beneficial to our clients and their customers, while providing impeccable customer service. We design programs to make you stand out from the crowd, raise funds for charity, attract visitors, and most importantly sell your product. Whether it is a car, stadium seats, or the number of players in a tournament.
We put the WOW factor into your event. We can help you get customers to your door and obtain a larger customer base. EPA will work with you to adjust prize amounts, odds, rules.... stay within a your budget.
Not only do we offer a broad range of programs but we also offer affordable and flexible pricing. You deal direct, there are no middlemen creating add-ons or upcharges.

Who uses these programs?

Large and small business, charity groups, newspapers, high schools, universities, newspapers, radio, sports teams: the list is endless. Anyone can use our programs to create more excitement for their event / promotion while transferring the risk of awarding a prize to an insurer.

What type of events can be covered?

The application of prize indemnity is infinite but the following gives you some idea:

Audience participation - a prize is offered if a randomly selected spectator can fulfill a specified goal:

  • Shoot a number of pucks into a net, kick three consecutive field goals from different positions on a football field.
  • Ultimate Long Putt Challenge™ - participants putt on a portable putting unit to win big prizes. More
  • Scoring a basket from the center court.

Increase Attendance - Collect a database - offer the opportunity to win a prize to all those attending an event.

  • Open the digital safe and win a prize.
  • Spin the correct combination to win instant cash
  • Selecting the winning envelope or correct door on the vault. More

Sports and skill-based events - prizes are offered to an individual for a achieving a certain feat.

  • Hole-in-ones More
  • Basketball shots
  • Hockey shots
  • Soccer kicks
  • Football kicks
  • Baseball tosses
  • Curling draws to the button
  • More

Consumer sales promotions

  • Online promotions
  • Scratch and win games
  • Collect and win games
  • Coupons and rebates
  • Instant wins
  • Loyalty programs
  • More

What is prize restoration?

EPA hole-in-one policies automatically offer what is known as “prize restoration” which means that a percentage of the insured prize restores itself after each successful hole-in-one. That way every golfer who registers a hole-in-one gets rewarded, not just the first. 100% prize restoration is an option on most of our programs.

Has anyone ever won?

We have paid out millions of dollars and have helped raise well over a million dollars for various charities. We have had winners shooting half court basketball shots, throwing a bowling ball through a target on a hockey rink, beating online guessing games, and of course, numerous hole-in-ones. We know what seems impossible can and does happen. More often than you may think.

"Nothing is impossible. Some things are just less likely than others."
-- Jonathan Winters

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