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GOLF tournaments present excellent opportunities for sponsorships, fundraising, product and service launches, and employee or client appreciation events.

As players, we thought long and hard to develop the “Ultimate” hole-in-one programs, taking into consideration the ladies, hole length, the different skills of golf, etc. - what was needed to set EPA apart from the others, and if “imitation is the best form of flattery” then we clearly got things right.

EPA has developed a variety of exciting programs that offer a cost effective way of enhancing the promotional impact and at the same time giving all of the participants a chance to win big while we take the risk.

Ultimate HOLE-IN-ONE Challenge™

  • prize coverage to $1,000,000.00
  • shorter distance for ladies.
  • premium based on exact number of golfers.
  • yardage as short as 129 yards for men and 120 for ladies.
  • rates that drop for longer yardage.
  • the lowest published price & most flexible program.
  • coverage for both club and touring professionals.
  • multiple pins on a green.
  • rainout reschedule dates.
  • 100% prize restoration option.

Ultimate CERTIFICATE Challenge™

This program is both economical and easy to use.

  • complete a policy once, we send you the certificates and you send them in before your event.
  • prize values are up to $5,000
  • covering tournaments of up to 72 or 160 golfers.
  • a hole monitor person is not required
  • minimum distance of 160 yards for men and 130 yards for the ladies.
  • includes a tee box sign with holder.

Ultimate LEAGUE PLAY Challenge™

  • Designed for scheduled member’s league play only.
  • maximum prize value is $3,000.
  • A hole monitor/witness is not required.
  • minimum distance is 160 yards for men & 130 yards for the ladies.

Ultimate LINE OF CREDIT Challenge™

  • Each line of credit package consists of $100,000 of coverage.
  • allows for up to 160 golfers to compete.
  • can be used in increments between $5,000 and $35,000 as the insured prize value.
  • minimum yardage requirements apply for both men and women.
  • simply fax us a certificate before your event(s) and we’ll have you covered.

Ultimate SHOOT OUT Challenge™

Affordable excitement!!
Add a little more pizzazz to your event by having golfers take a shot for some BIG money!

MILLION DOLLAR shots, annuities, $250,000 .... your choice.
Premium is per player, so you simply insure as many shooters and a prize value that your budget will allow.


Ultimate ACE Challenge™

This unique program was designed for tournaments where there are more par 3’s insured than stated on the official score card. (maximum of 18 holes) The course is set up so that the insured holes are all par 3's.

Ultimate SKILLS Challenge™

You don't have to get a hole-in-one to win big with this program!
Birdies, hitting the green, landing within a specified distance from the pin will also reward the golfer with a prize.


Ultimate GRASS GREEN Challenge™

  • single or three-putt combination putting contests

Challenge the golfers to a long putt of 35 to 100 ft. Or, for even more excitement, have them attempt progressive putts!
The golfer is given 3 putts, all from different distances. If they sink 1 of the 3 they win, if they sink 2 of the 3 they win, and if they sink all 3 putts they win the insured prize.

Ultimate LONG PUTT Challenge™

You won’t find this anywhere else! EPA developed these putting units in 2000 and currently have them in a number of cities throughout North America.

A wide variety of groups continue to use our putting units to create excitement at their events, raise funds for charity, and promote their business.

Businesses, Schools, Malls, Fundraisers, Special Events, Trade Shows, Tournaments, Charities,.. the possibilities are endless.

These facilities are completely self-contained.
It takes ~10 – 15 minutes for set-up or take down and only 2 people to operate.

All that is needed is a flat surface.
Malls, arenas, exhibit halls, community centres, parking lots, etc.


Interactive, Economical, anyone can participate, huge prizes, and it creates excitement!

We are always open to creating something new, or simply mixing things up to suit your needs and budget.