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The idea of winning is a great motivator for people to visit your location. EPA has a variety of proven traffic-generating programs designed to attract customers to your store location, trade show booth, or event site. These high-impact programs are designed for contestant participation and/or player, or team performance. Invite customers to visit your location or special event for the chance to participate in the excitement with an opportunity to win big!

Ultimate VISIBLE VAULT Challenge™

This is an economical and effective program that is proven to drive traffic to your event. EPA’s vault is a clear plexi cube with a key pad and LCD screen attached. The contestant simply enters their code and if it matches the “secret code”, the lights flash and the audio announces them as the Winner! MORE

Ultimate WIND TUNNEL Challenge™

EPA’s portable, inflatable Wind Tunnel!
Add excitement to your promotion / fundraiser!
Contestants have the opportunity to win instant cash and substantial prizes.
As there are a variety of programs designed for this prop, please contact us for further information.

Ultimate 6 DIGIT MATCH & WIN Challenge™

Participants fill out a valid form with their own personal six-digit number. If their number matches in the same sequence and in a row 3, 4, 5 or 6 of the randomly drawn numbers they are a winner. EPA will provide the forms and the ball popper.

Ultimate FANTASY GOLF Challenge™

EVERY CARD is a potential winner!
The Fantasy Golf scratch cards are both an economical and simple way to raise funds and add some excitement to your event.
These cards look just like a regular golf score card, the difference being the player simply scratches a score for each of the 18 holes.
Give it a try!
A few ideas:

  1. As a fundraiser you can sell these cards and create a prize pool. Offer the players who scratch the lowest or highest scores a portion of the funds raised and the charity gets the remaining cash. Similar to 50-50 tickets only a lot more fun!
  2. Use the cards as a sales incentive for your staff. Set some prizing for your staff to get them excited and push a certain product or service.
  3. Sell them at your tournament to the participating teams. One card per team and let the captain scratch a score at each hole and if it is better than the team score on that hole they get to use the scratched score. All proceeds to your charity.

These just a couple of ways to utilize these cards and did we mention there can also be an insured component!

Ultimate DICE ROLL Challenge™

Participants draw one envelope from 200, each with a ticket inside. Some say "Congratulations you Won (prize)!", some may say "Sorry, better luck next time." and one may say "Congratulations you are the GRAND PRIZE Winner!" The number of envelopes, and the prizes concealed inside are determined by your budget and the number of anticipated participants.
* This program can be played in conjunction with a number of our other programs. Pick the correct envelope for a chance to spin the wheel, enter the Wind Tunnel or unlock the Vault.


Ultimate ENVELOPE DRAW Challenge™

Participant attempts to shoot a perfect game in various rounds of their tourney.
You may want your darters to be awarded depending on the number of darts he/she throws for a 501 point game.

Ultimate KEY LOCK Challenge™

Participant chooses one of two hundred keys and attempts to open one of the five doors on the vault. Each one of the keys will open a door.

Ultimate MATCH & WIN Challenge™

Very similar to a very popular television game. The contestant opens a sequence of mini brief cases to reveal their value. If they choose three mini cases which reveal the same value, they are a winner.

Ultimate SPIN & WIN Challenge™

Just as it says, spinning wheels with 42 pegs.
Ideas -

  1. Participants spin 2 of our wheels at the same time. 1 wheel clockwise , the other counter clock wise. If the wheels stop at the same position on both wheels, that player is a winner.
  2. Allocate a value for each of the slots or a selected number of slots with different prizes or cash values.
  3. Include instant cash and prizes for players who don't spin the insured prize.
  4. Used the spinning wheel with one or two of our other props. Spin for a chance to enter the Wind Tunnel or an attempt to unlock our vault.

Ultimate WEATHER Challenge™

You can offer your customers a 100% rebate on their purchase if it snows 5 inches on a specific date or a lease for a year if it rains a certain amount on July 1st. The amount of rain or snow and date is up to you.



Ultimate SCRATCH & WIN Challenge™

Participants are given a scratch card when they make a purchase or simply come in to your store. The player scratches only five of twenty five squares in attempt to reveal five matching symbols. If they reveal five matching symbols then they scratch the "Special Play" area to reveal their prize. Every card is a potential Winner. EPA has a variety of scratch cards which can be customized to suite your event/promotion.

Ultimate TEXAS HOLD'EM Challenge™

Every card is a possible winner!
Similar to a deck of playing cards, each ticket has 52 different card values. Contestants scratch the two (2) Players Cards displayed and then scratch five (5) of the remaining (50) dealers cards. Prize payout depends on the best poker hand revealed.

Keep in mind, the above are only a sampling of our promotional programs and that we are always open to tweaking an existing or creating a new program that will work for you.

We are always open to creating something new, or simply mixing things up to suit your needs and budget.