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Whether you are a team owner, a sponsor, or a local team supporter EPA has (or can customize) a program to meet your objectives. These programs guarantee to:

  • put more butts in the seats.
  • raise funds for charity.
  • provide entertainment for the crowd.
  • provide the consumer the opportunity to win spectacular prizes.

Ultimate BASKETBALL Challenge™

EPA has some standard basketball programs of which can be altered in a variety of ways. A contestant can to shoot from half court, or launch a full court shot in attempt to win the insured prize. Or, the program may require the contestant to complete a series of different shots in a certain amount of time. IE: a lay-up, a foul shot, a 3 point shot, and half court shot in 25 seconds.

Ultimate CURLING Challenge™

Participant(s) may shoot the rock from the hog line to complete five skills shots to accumulate points. A series of perfect shots made, wins the grand prize. Fewer points awarded, the participant would win a smaller prize.
Another option is to have the participant(s) shoot a rock to draw to the button (the rock comes to rest completely inside the button).

Ultimate DARTS Challenge™

Participant attempts to shoot a perfect game in various rounds of their tourney.
You may want your darters to be awarded depending on the number of darts he/she throws for a 501 point game.

Ultimate FOOTBALL Challenge™

Participant programs
Target -
Participant may attempt to kick a field goal, throw a football through an inflatable or at a target in effort to break a seal (all from a specific distance).
Progressive -
A participant attempts to kick a football through the posts from ten yards. If successful he/she wins cash; they are then given the choice of walking or trying again from twenty yards to double their money. The process continues until the participant misses the kick or decides to take the cash.
Pass, punt, & kick -
A participant throws the football as far as possible from the end zone, punts from the point where the ball lands, and then attempts a field goal from that mark.
Player / team performance programs can be structured around goals scored at a specific time during a game or if a goal is scored at a specified time in during game or if a kickoff is returned for a touchdown, etc.


As one Canada's national pastimes, EPA offers a variety of programs based around hockey. There are programs for audience participation as well as programs based on team or player game results.
Team/player performance programs can be structured around goals at the end of a period/game results or if a goal is scored at a specified time in during game.
Examples of audience based programs:

Ultimate SCORE-O Challenge™

A randomly drawn person(s) from the crowd is chosen to shoot a puck through a hole in a template which has been placed in front of the net. There is a Jackpot hole as well as consolation-prize holes.

Ultimate RAPID FIRE Challenge™

Shoot a number of pucks into an empty net in a specific amount of time from first blue line, centre ice or the far blue line.

Ultimate FACE OFF Challenge™

The participant attempts to shoot one puck from each of the nine marked face off dots on the ice into the same net.


Ultimate LACROSSE Challenge™

Using a template similar to our hockey score-o board, the participants would shoot a regulation lacrosse ball in attempt to get it through a series of holes in our template. The prize is determined by which hole the ball goes through.

Ultimate VOLLEYBALL Challenge™

Three targets are set up on one side of the court. The participant serves the ball on the opposite side in effort to hit a target. (ie: mouse trap, garbage can) The participant wins a prize depending on the number of targets hit.

Keep in mind - snowmobile rallies, soccer, tennis, hot air balloons, duck derbies... if someone is kicking, throwing, shooting, rolling, tossing, sliding, or riding an object and if we can determine the odds then we can develop a program for it.

We are always open to creating something new, or simply mixing things up to suit your needs and budget.