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Ultimate Visible Vault Challenge™

Our Visible Vault is a 15 inch cube of clear Plexiglas and brushed aluminum. It features a 10 digit electronic keypad, a large viewing screen, a loudspeaker, and lights. A key-locked door on the front of the Vault allows prizing to be placed inside for display (replica cars, bills, vacation photos, etc.).

EPA will customize a program to suit the needs and budget of each client. Prizing is available from $25,000 to $1,000,000. Here is how the program works:
Contestants enter their personal 2 to 10 digit number on the Vault’s keypad to see if it matches the “secret code” (which has been input by EPA). If the contestant is unsuccessful, the vault will sound a “sorry” response and that contestant’s turn is over. If the numbers match, lights flash, the siren sounds, and the contestant is awarded the insured prize! Once the contest is over (timeframe is based on a date and time or number of attempts), the winning number can be displayed for all to see.

Promotional / fundraising scenarios utilizing the Visible Vault are nearly infinite. Contact EPA Ultimate Concepts Inc. for more information.

Visable Vault